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Key Person

Jtoti Bora



We make sure that the contracts are upheld and professionally checked


Hano makes sure that our subcontractors are honest and have standards

Background Check

At Hano we perform a detailed background check on all staff

Our Expertise

Hano Contract Management

The practice of contract management involves effectively managing contracting processes to ensure compliance with applicable laws and internal policies. Contract management is designed to add value in the form of efficacy, efficiency, and improved returns on investment. A contract manager’s job can be complex and challenging, since he or she oversees the entire process from the initiation of a project through its completion. This includes negotiating contracts, writing contracts, monitoring performance against a contract, and communicating progress.


Get the job done with our expertise

Our contract management services are the best in the country. Its unique and a great way of making sure that your sub-contracts are professionally completed. 

Construction with construction cranes


Safety, progress and project completion

Hano guarantees that all contracts held are professionally executed with proper safety standards. All our staff is supervised by an HSE officer to uphold all safety and health standards.


Hano values security

All Hano Personnel are screened with Nisa and Amisom so that we can reassure them that we are working in a safe environment. Hano also does checks each morning before the local staff enters the working environment so that they can only come in with the proper working attire and IDs. Working equipment are supplied by us and is checked daily.

Central Office

We are located within the AAIA and or give us a call so we can set up a meeting. We also are able to meet you at your business within minutes.