Mogadishu Facility Maintenance

Hano offers excellent facility management support from catering to repair.

Key Person

Istarlin Mohamed


Key Person

Istarlin Mohamed



We clean compounds, offices, and residential areas.


We offer a wide variety of menu items from breakfast to dinner.

Waste Management

Our waste management consists of trash and sewage collection.

Our Expertise

Hano Facility Management

Hano is one of Somalia’s most significant facility maintenance and management companies. Our goal is to provide a complete range of services, including facilities management, construction, and maintenance. We have an excellent team of qualified managers, technicians, and other staff with years of experience and expertise to ensure a professional environment.

We have experience in offering facility management solutions to companies of different sectors. Our services include waste management, equipment maintenance, laundry, janitorial services, security control, etc. We use advanced technologies to offer expert facility maintenance services in Somalia.

Young black male plumber sitting on the floor fixing a bathroom sink, seen from doorway

Camp Maintenance

Clean and maintaned camp

We offer a range of services to ensure our clients have peace of mind regarding their facilities management. We employ skilled managers and coordinators who have experience in Mogadishu, so you can be sure your premises will be taken care of by qualified staff.

Colourful buffet


Great fresh dishes

Our proficient catering teams deliver high-quality and fresh food to your location on time per your specific catering and dietary needs. We follow strict and hygienic cooking methods to ensure the health services provided by us are of the highest standard, and you enjoy food prepared according to your taste.

Close up view of woman in protective gloves that cleaning tables in the office

Janitorial Services

Start your day in a clean faciltiy with Hano

As the cleanliness of your premise determines the first impression, our janitorial services are quality cleaning and other facilities management services in Mogadishu. We follow COVID-19 guidelines for all janitorial services.

Garbage! Recycling! Waste Management!

Waste Management

Hygenic and safe work enviorment

We offer a reliable facilities management service in Mogadishu that the government approves. We ensure that all waste disposal is done hygienically, ensuring safety and satisfaction for everyone.

Central Office

We are located within the AAIA and or give us a call so we can set up a meeting. We also are able to meet you at your business within minutes.