Safe Working Environment

Safe Working Environment

Safer workspace so that we can perform at our best.
African American worker checking information on phone at construction site

Safe working environment

Reports show that most job-related deaths are preventable if employers follow safe practices. According to the report, there were 4,836 workplace deaths in 2016. The leading cause of death was transportation incidents, followed closely by violence/aggravated assault. The report also identified the industries where workplace violence is most prevalent. The national average rate of violence is 3.5 per 100,000 workers per year, but construction has an average rate of 17.8 violent deaths per 100,000 workers per year.

At Hano we make sure that all our working environments are safe and strictly monitored by our HSE Officer. Our HSE will also make sure our subcontractors are working in a safe environment if they are not complying they will get a warning and in extreme cases replaced.

All our staff or subcontractors needs to have:

1) Proper uniforms with reflection vests

2) Safety boots

3) Helmets

4) Safety glasses

All sites need to have a medical pax containing all the required items such as bandaids, medicines and etc.



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